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1/6 Scale Garage
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The bamboo rod comes in at just a hair under 12". The handle of course is cork, the eyelets wire, and the reel are actually two snaps I affixed nipple to nipple, mounting a knob on the edge. All bound together with standard black fly tying thread. The lures and flies are hand made with a size 18 1x fine non-barbed hook (that's about as small as my fat fingers can manipulate)

I have another rod I am putting together with much better attention to detail and that has a much finer taper at the end of the rod. This one was my first attempt and I was getting a little impatient to see how it would turn out.


Quick and easy ice chest.

When I started building accessories for my 1/6 vehicles I didn't know the extent to which I would actually take this hobby. I love to repurpose things as I go along and If I don't build something from scratch each and every time I'm okay with that... something's are ready made, no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Having said that, this was one of the first accessories that I crafted.


A little side bar; something I have always had in my garage...

Old school brass with a leather wrap.


With Bitter End Municipal Power online it's time to make things shimmy and shake!




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