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The Tools
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Every garage needs to have a full compliment of tools to get the job done. Here are a few of mine:

Working on an air compressor today. I had a mini compressor from a previous project, but needed to size things up for this build.

The main part (the tank) was easy enough using a water bottle.

Kind of hard to make out the details of the top and air pipe, but here it is anyway.

Roughing out a base support.

Compressor and regulator mounted, wired and plumbed.

This will fit in nicely into the corner and plumbed into the air system. I'll come up with a decal and data plate to finish it off.


I needed to scale up a welder, so I started with a welding cart. I searched around the interwebs for one to loosely base one off of.

To scale up the ground clamp I made it similar to the Jumper cables I made last year (cutting down some alligator clips and adding handles).

These jumper cables were pretty simple; you just need to cut back the nose of the alligator clip, then roll the nose down. The short leg of the clip can be fitted around any piece of round stock, cut to the proper length then heat a piece of shrink tube over it, Easy peasey... and they would actually work!

A made a new welding gun, installed the retaining chain for the gas bottle and pieced it all together.

I had originally painted the buzz box blue and was going to hang some Miller logo on it, but the blue turned out too dark, so I stripped it and hit it with the red and a Lincoln Electric patch.


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