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1/6 Scale Garage
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Well, back from a little R&R down in Baja and I've been chompin at the bit to get back to finishing a few projects. In between unpacking the suitcases I cut a sheet of plexiglass for the window and set it in place.

I'll finish trimming it out tomorrow, but threw a little sunset in the back to give me a garage with a view! It does look very cool back-lit.


... and a computer monitor.


A little more progress this week.

Rollin in the box. This is a very cool metal Snap-On bank. You can find them all over sites like eBay. On the tool truck they are stupid expensive!

Oh yes I can build a reasonable facsimile from styrene but I don't have a desire to reinvent the wheel for every project. Sometimes something like this just drops in your lap.

A little 1/6 scale of the 1/6 scale! Yea it is a working RC very cool to see it drive around him when he has a TX in hand.

Wheelin the torch over.

I got the bottles last year off eBay but made the cart. I made some run-of-the-mill tire and wheels for it but ran into these little mags I had from a project 15 or 20 years ago and tried um on for size.

I have to find a spot for my roached bullet ridden hwy 66 sign.


In case you were wondering what the hole to the right of the window was for.

I concealed the safe with a hinged cork-board; using a thin piece of metal glued to the back of the cork-board and strong magnets on the backside of the wallboard. It stays closed tight till your swing it open.

Just taking a minute to reflect on my handiwork.


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