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1/6 Scale Garage
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I found some .060 plastic wallboard at Home Depot that seemed to be exactly what I needed for the walls.

Be still your worrying heart! Permits pulled!


Waiting for the glue to dry on some trim pieces I had an epiphany... since I needed a shop clock It just made sense I should build one out of one of my Willy's stock tire and wheels. Installed the battery and off it went!


...and while the glue was drying on that I wrapped up a new head articulating co-pilot, no clothes yet - some on the way - man were they expensive. It was a bit tricky to fit a servo inside the female frame but mission accomplished.

**Pro tip! 1/6 females are as expensive as 1/1** just sayin.

And mod finished on the next driver of my 41 military.


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