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The Bike Lift

A new project for the shop this week, and taking up way too many hours!

What man cave would be complete without a lift for his scoot?

Yes, swivel castors!

I think I'm ready to tear it down for paint. I'll be pounding the dents out of the lift top later today while the paint dries then it will be ready for final assembly and some detail work. I think I have found a new favorite medium - brass!

As far as working; it has about three inches of motion before the cylinder (scale shock absorber from my 1/10 gear) runs out of throw. The safety lock bars work as it moves across each safety peg it can lock in at any point of travel and the nylon wheels do turn and roll.

The front wheel locking mechanism completely folds out as a 1:1 and back up again to lock in the front tire and wheel assembly securing the bike on the workbench.

This last pic shows a better view of the front tire/wheel locking assembly. Actually my favorite part of the lift build. I used brass brads for the hinge pins with the smallest touch of solder on the shaft of them to hold them into the swivel point.



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