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1/6 Scale Garage
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I ran across some poplar down at the local hardware store, it looked pretty close to the door opening that I had framed in (less cuts +++). As luck would have it, it was a perfect fit! After a few one eyed squints with my thumb in the way it started to take shape.

Poplar is a pretty soft wood so chiseling out a spot for the hinges to live was easy enough... measure once, cut twice!

I test fit of the trim pieces and it's ready to put together.

Lastly, I clamped everything up so the glue will dry and all of the pieces will stay put.

I left it dry overnight and unclamped it the next morning.

I think it will work out fine. I had zero room to spare sliding it into place. Here is a shot from the outside of the garage.


I've been toying around with different garage art for a while, so tonight I printed some up and scaled it down to the right size. I wanted it to be a little more than taping a picture to the wall, so I mounted them to some .060 styrene.

I mounted a few pieces up on the wall, I hope it works out because that 3M industrial two sided tape is there for keeps, it doesn't like to give up anything that you've attached it to.


Now the power supply project hasn't gone nearly as smooth as I had hoped. What should have been easy peasy has turned out to be a little bit of a head scratcher. I had this old computer power supply laying around for years and in the dark recesses of my feeble mind it was a good to go unit from bygone years when I built my own computers. In hindsight I should have verified it wasn't DOA before I started. But I'm committed to using a set up like this to put lights and action to work in the garage. A little troubleshooting will hopefully figure it out.

Yea the power supply is a boring piece of gear and will be hid from view, but I think you will dig what it will do in the very near future. Without it I would be just a static display (which can be cool in and of itself) but with the ability to light, turn, move and rotate, the dio moves to the next level of scale smoke and mirrors!


After Easter dinner I was tinkering around with some LED lighting and got sidetracked for a moment with a couple of fun projects. I know that they don't look like much on their own but as I add layer after layer of small little details my hope is it will add up to something worth while in the end.

One of my Easter guests wondered out to the garage and saw me mounting the trophy fish, looked around at the rest of the scale garage and asked, "you're not going to make it talk... are you?" Ha, that was funny.


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to put together a 1/6 fire extinguisher, this is it, a spent CO2 cartridge and an alligator clip, easy peasy.


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