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1/6 Scale Garage
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The workbench room has been a little tight lately with several irons in the fire. I really needed to dedicate some room for just the RC's.

After breaking out the slide rule and taking a few measurements I decided on a full 4'x8' sheet of plywood to get started.

I used screws throughout (I was really dying to use my pocket jig for the first time!).

I used lathe strips for the wall frame work, they worked out to close to a 2"x10" scale. My buddy said, "wall studs, really?" Yea.... something has to hold the wall board up!

No doubt about it, we're going to need a window on this wall.

A stairway leading up to a mezzanine of course and you might have also noticed I have cross drilled holes on all of the wall studs, that should help a bunch when it comes time to run the wiring.

So there it is all mocked up and test fitted. Time to take it back apart...

I just couldn't pull the trigger on a checkerboard floor, I know they are in vogue in some high end speed shops but... c'mon they want to put me into an epileptic seizure and most of us have just a plain ol' cement slab or one that is sealed in epoxy. So there ya go.


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