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The Tools
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Of course, I needed to have a welding helmet in the mix.

This was my first effort at the head strap. In the end I opted to redesign it and screw it in place directly. Um... just to the head strap, not through the head!

As a side note; I absolutely love the stretchy silicone tube material. I have been using it anywhere I need hose, line or electrical cabling. I found it at Joanns in the necklace building section.


I picked up some flat bar and round stock at the local hardware store and cobbled together a two different length workbenches.

I buffed out the bench tops, I'm not sure if I will leave them bare or paint them. In the pacific northwest the steel has a tendency to rust if left unprotected.

So the wife came out to the garage yesterday and took a look around.

What are building out here?

I see, what are you going to do with it when you're done....



My mop turned out better than I had expected and only took a couple of minutes. It was a trial run with a too short of a wooden dowel. I'll hang this one up somewhere and make another with the proper length handle.

Bruce... why so serious?


As a platform for the scale TX, I cut out a section of a 1/6 shotgun then added the components out of styrene as needed to have it resemble a full size; like the battery compartment, electronics, and the antenna. I also borrowed a wheel from a donor Hot Wheels for the steering wheel.

Taking a close look it, it's now easy to see the the grip section, but on first glance I think it looks pretty true to the shape and size at scale.


It's been a few days since I updated any progress to my garage. I've been doing a major upgrade on my SCX10 JK and working out a power supply for the garage.

One of the accessories that I put together was a 1/6 land anchor for the Wiley's. I always love to work with fire!


I'm finely getting around to the jack stands. Thankfully I made a template so I can duplicate the same size! And AMAZINGLY it works!

I need to have four jack stands for my next project (the next project is actually done but I need the jack stands finished to properly display it). So it looks like there is still some assembly required.

I was waiting for the mail lady to deliver a much needed resupply of styrene and thought I would give the brass ago as a jack stand. I think it turned out pretty good, I'll make another for a matching set!

I need a steampunk time machine to really set off the brass! Or they'll just get painted.

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