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1/6 Scale Drivers
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You can see how different this action figure was than the last. It was ready made for a neck servo.

There is just a thin latex skin that was removed and removing the neck post section to get to this point, so after mounting up the servo and neck post, I had to just reinstall the upper body skin (slipped on just like a shirt).

The lone female co pilot, was a project in and of itself. The upper chest cavity and neck area were just too small to accommodate any kind of mod, and in the end , I had to install the servo below the rib cage.

The tear down...

A lot of Dremel work to get this thing tucked in somewhere.

Here you can see the linkage that I have worked through down to the servo.

If you are wondering how so many slave servos get into the mix at the same time; wonder no moore!

The coolest part about 1/6 scale is the vast amount of detailed gear that is out on the market. This is how I have taken my hobby to the next level.


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